Advanced Home Broadband

Our 60Mbps Home broadband is able to give you the power to be able to use the internet for a range of different uses, such as Streaming 4k movies or TV programmes, also allows multiple online gamers to have low latency gaming at the same time in your premises

This package comes with our gigabit router with enhanced Wifi signal, 60 megabit download and 60 megabit upload and outdoor network equipment as part of the installation for £100

Other services that are also available from us

All of our services include our network equipment replacement service, so in the unlikely event that you have any issues with your outdoor equipment or router, these will be replaced free of charge to the customer (see our terms of service page for more information)

The outdoor network equipment will be installed by, along with your router as part of getting you up and running hassle free
The Advanced Home broadband is perfect for people who like to game, work from home, send email and video Conference call while having other people in your premises browse online and watch 4K TV or films dosen't cap traffic or slow you down at peak times, you get the speed and power of our network all the time
Our Network is fully Owned, operated and maintained by, meaning no third party involvement keeping everything running, unlike other networks