About Us

About Stalmine.Net

#1 Internet Service Provider Company Over Wyre and Fylde

We have been providing internet and Hosting services for more than 20 years!

Having been in business for so many years, we are one of the most experienced internet service providers around. Indeed, Stalmine.Net was one of the first providers of Dialup Internet and now providing High Speed Home and Business Wireless Broadband Over Wyre and Fylde.

  • Home Broadband
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Dedicated management
  • Full project management
  • Industry leading SLAs
  • Complete package range
Multiple Sites

We offer Business Services that allow multiple site VPN or Multi Site Internet facilities

Faster Everywhere

Stalmine.Net offers speeds that other providers simply can't match in areas that are hard to reach

IP Connectivity

Additional services are available to larger organisations who need more than just an internet connection

No Loss of Service

We have a network uptime of at least 99.7% and have backup power facilities and much more to keep you online

Router Setup

All our installations are setup by us in your premesis so your up and running without any hassle

Off Site Backup

We have a range of solutions to keep your backups off-site incase of any major failure or emergency in your premesis