Freqently Asked Questions

The Areas that we currently cover are as follows:

Please note that before we can assure you of coverage we will need to do a signal test at your premises. This is a way of making sure you get the speeds you require. in most areas we don't need to do this but for some customers that are further away from the main network masts its essential

At Present our network can offer speeds of upto 300Mbit in some areas and in the rest upto 100Mbit, this is improving all the time as the network is growing and upgrading to match customer requirements
Firstly, we own and operate our network entrely from customer to the core network, this means nobody else shares the network or masts, meaning a much higher reliability and we can say for sure what is available and monitor the network directly to keep it up and running with 99.8% uptime and no slow downs at peak times
Once we have tested our network signal availability at your premises and paid for installation, you will have an antenna mounted somewhere outside your premises, usually the same size as a sky dish or one of our smaller antennas that isn't any bigger than a mobile phone, there will then be a cable to a router that we supply and power supply for the antenna and your up and running, its that simple
At the moment we are solely a broadband only network, however we are testing the option of providing phone services over the network, again meaning that everything is running over our existing network with no other network involvement such as Openreach, when these services are available to all our customers it will be shown on the Stalmine.Net website under services
If your wanting to help us expand, we are always looking for places to put one of our network masts to help put signal into new places, to know more about what requirements are and what we offer for helping out with network expansion, contact us using the details at the top of the page