Wireless Lease Line

A Wireless Lease Line is a service we offer that is much cheaper than other lease line providers, what is a lease line, well quite simply its a direct line to the internet and allows you to have a block of IP Addresses allocated to you so you can connect your business servers or other network hardware directly to the internet without using network address translation this allows things such as VPNs, Web and email servers to operate directly or its can also be used for directly connecting two sites together over our network using our enhanced VPN services

Speeds available on our network is from 20Mb/s all the way up to 1000Mb/s available in most parts of the network we can give you speeds that other networks simply can't do, meaning that your lease line can connect you either directly to the internet at these speeds or site to site across our own network without slow downs or any need to use other networks

With no caps or speed limits to keep your business flowing online, we also offer offsite backups for your data and also backup 4G internet connection if you ever suffer an outage


Because of the nature of lease lines, pricing is done on a site by site basis and requirements needed

Typical installation consists of a PFSense Router, Gigabit switch and our outdoor equipment

Other requirements such as IP Address allocation and VPN multi site networks connections can be setup at time of the order

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