Multi Site installation

Our Multi Site installations are available so you can have multiple sites and manage it under one account or if you require our Wireless Lease Line services

To make it easier for you to manage multiple sites internet accounts or VPN Services between sites we have made it simple by offering an integrated solution with one management platform and access to billing so you can keep track of what your requirements are at a glance and allows you to make changes to your requirements such as speed, VPN use or adding new services

Some service changes may require a change to your equipment but we will advise you at the time of change if required


We offer discounts on multi site installation, so that you can enjoy the service from us at multiple locations without paying over the odds to have our great service

Multiple Site installations are carried out in the same way as single site installations, but with either additional equipment to use VPN services between your sites or our more Advanced router allowing for other services to be added to your connections at each site

Other requirements such as IP Address allocation and VPN multi site networks connections can be setup at time of the order

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